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The Lost Kitty

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The Lost Kitty
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Queen Of Snuggles

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I'm not a writer far from it but this is something that came out of me it's not much and it not very good but like i said i'm not a writer please be kind on judgment lol no really say what you will

The Lost Kitty

This story begins at the end, with people gathered around a body of a girl, she has fallen from a great height, her face unrecognisable but they know who she is, they saw it coming they knew her as Kitty.  Their thoughts where good riddance, hated her pathetic attitude.  People once cared for her but she began to push them away, knowing what was to become of her. Pushing them away was the only way she could think of for them not to hurt as much when she would disappear from the world, or as she saw it from Hell.  It was time for her to give in and let the Devil take her, her life wasn’t worth anything anyway.

What made her feel this way?  That’s simple.................. Love.

Love is meant to make you happy and the love from Bird did at first, you can see it in her valentines day letter to Bird:

To my Valentine

You will Forever and Always be in my heart
you make me smile when i am low and rise me to new heights
you make my heart full with joy and laughter
you protect me from the bad and show me the good
you make my love for you grow more and more each passing day
i feel i will never fall far while you are around and you keep me strong all this and more you do for me my only hope is i do as much for you

But in the end it is that love that crushed her, because she was to much of a coward to hurt an old love for the love of Bird a love she longed for.  Bird told Kitty every day he loved her even though she was with Black, Bird would tell her she would Forever and Always have his love, Bird did not see how this hurt Kitty to hear him say those words but not be able to be with Bird this is what destroyed her she could not be near him and not be his.  It was Kitty’s own fault  although Kitty had told Bird she had fallen back in love with an old flame not only did Bird let her go without a fight but he also pushed her into the arms of Black.  Kitty knew the moment the words I love Black left her lips she had made the biggest mistake she could ever make, she cared for Black very much but the love she had for Bird was so much more she had never felt that way before.

But with Black she remained, not ever wanting to hurt him again as she once did no matter how much it hurt her she would not hurt him.  Black had never done anything bad to hurt her, he had done some stupid things but always beg for forgiveness, she couldn’t no matter how much she wanted she couldn’t leave Black.  This is when she knew she had to push Bird away.

Bird was to good to Kitty she couldn’t stand his kindness towards her, his silence when he heard false things about her and most of all the love he gave her, the love she wanted more than anything but could not take it, could not be his.

The day came where Kitty did the hardest thing she could ever dream of doing, she pushed Bird away, Kitty told Bird to leave her alone, go away and to stay out of her life. She knew this would work and it did, Bird left.  Kitty so wanted to see Bird again she waited for him but she knew he wouldn't appear she had pushed him away so hard and there was no sign of him anywhere.

Kitty started losing her way within minutes of letting Bird go, She couldn’t find her way, the fog started closing in around her unable to see she carried on walking letting the fog take her, she had pushed her friends away so there was no one to help her anymore.  She knew what was coming as her foot felt the edge but she carried on forward afraid to go on living a life of Drama, a life without Bird, for a moment Kitty felt she could fly like Bird and she knew, her release was to follow.............................

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Its an INteresting Story. too bad the end is a little off. You know a bird never really leaves the thing it cares about? that it is always following waiting for the time when it knows it is wanted back? Birds can be very faithful. and Loving. I am sure this Bird is still around for the kitty. the kitty just has to look and break the rules that the had given. this kitty should just try a little harder. cause I am sure the Bird Misses the kitty quite a bit

Let the Flames Of my Shame Burn the Future into your Mind. Never make the Mistakes I have made. Never Make the easy choices. Love and Never let go. My Fire is Weak but will build again. The Future Is yours. Never let that Go.
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Queen Of Snuggles

Joined: 21 Feb 2009
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Location: fuck if i know *is lost forever*

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sorry but in this one she dies

but anyway it was good knowing you all but i'll be leaving the site now take care everyone
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Blood Fist Clan Leader

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Aww...This seems an aweful bit like her time at the site, well, at least the dying/leaving part. I don't know about the two loves part.

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