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Here is where I place Forum related announcements
Any changes made will be posted here
Have an Event planned? want everybody to share the fun? Let me know and I will post time and place, Its a fun Time some events ^_^
Staff Applications
Want to become moderator or an Admin, Apply here, only 1 admin and 2 Moderator slots are open right now
Introduse yourself here, please write more than one sentance
Leaving the site? good Riddance, I hope you enjoy your Life without us, Tell us you are leaving here
Stories Forever more
Fantasy Roleplay
Fantasy! My favorite!!! create creatures, create gods, create kingdoms, create spells, create plants and weapons, The world is yours to create and run, roleplay to your hearts content
Anime/Manga Roleplay
Pick a story, pick a character, make the story how you think it should have been or you think should be
Slave and Master Roleplays
18+ This is your basic dominatrix setup. have fun and enjoy
Hmmm creepers, have fun with your Virtual sex life. 18+
Romance Roleplay
This is like Sexual build a relationship with other characters except nothing sexual happens, as far as you can go is Kising Biznatch
Video-game roleplay
Pick a game, pick a character, have a blast!!
Movie Roleplay
Again Pick a movie, pick a character, let the creative juices flow
T.V. Roleplay
Reality, Soap opera, cartoon, etc. pick your show, pick your character, and play out a new story
Book Roleplay
Pick a book, Pick a character, and write a new story
Each Person may only have one thread with their list of characters
Character sheets, one thread per person listing all of their characters
Bios section for masters, keep slaves out of here. One thread per person listing their characters
Bios for slaves. Keep masters out of here. one thread per person listing their characters
Slaves post here and wait for a master to buy you!, move them to either bedroooms or hme/dungeon depending on whether you want it to have sexual or non-sexual meanings. more on the actual sub-forums
Slave and Master Roleplaying area where all kinds of sexual tendancies will be, extreme or not, have fun
Okay this is the not so sexual extreme area, but you can be sexual here aswell just not every other second like in bedrooms, please be creative ^_^
One thread per person, Listing all Characters
Character Sheets, one thread per person listing all characters
Character sheets, one thread per person listing all characters
Character sheets, one thread per person listing all characters
Character sheets, one thread per person listing all characters
Character sheets, one thread per person listing all characters
Training Grounds!
If you need to practice or just feel like helping some one learn come here to make your roleplaying skills that much better
Practice your Fighting skill here, hone your mind body and soul to make yourself a fiirce force to encounter
General Roleplaying
Bring your abilities to roleplay to the next level, practice here
Sexual Scene training
18+ if you get sexual in any RP you will need to be prepared, Perverts >_>
Clan Rules and Registration
This is where you go to read the rules for clans and guilds, and where you go to try to register a Clan or Guild
Blood Fist Clan Recruitment Section
Bring your hand to Hand Fighting Skills here. Become a member of The Blood Fist Clan!
New To The Clan? Introduce yourself Here
Leaving the Clan? Post your reasons and your Farewells here
PLace character Bio's here
Meeting Hall
The Gallery
Post your artwork here for all the world to see
For those who like to share their Music
Break Room
Talk, Chat what ever you want to call it, talk about what ever you want here
Story Board!
Bring your Own Fiction, your FanFiction, your Poetry, your Stories, and your open minds here!
The Lost and Found
Frozen Rps
Did your RP freeze? post it here so it wont be deleted and forgotten, to revive a Rp message me and it will be done
The Museum, Please donate images for the world to enjoy! your Work only, no links to other peoples work
Graffic Request
Want a special Signature or Avi? Come here and post what you want, and im sure some budding artist will help you out!
Need help? Or have any Suggestions? post them for staff to veiw and Aid
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